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This is maddening, and I will have to leave it you

smarter folks than me.
I am active duty, and I work on base. I won't carry there because A: I have access to weapons/ammo at work. B: It is a felony to bring my CCW on base.
Before I joined, (I was 24 in boot camp) I worked in several jobs that "did not allow" me to have a gun on my person. I did it anyway.
I do not feel defenseless without a gun, but I do recognize the limitations of unarmed defense.
For those of you who refuse to carry because you don't want your boss angry at you: that's crazy.
For those of you who carry in defiance of company policy, I applaud you.
As for providing for my family, I do so very well, thank you very much, and have every confidence that I could continue to if I were fired from my current gig.
Since this is such a difficult and foreign concept to some of you, I politely bow out.

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