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Thanks for asking our advice

I went from my single stage several decades ago to a pair of Pro-1000 presses, then August 2010 "upgraded" to a Lee Classic Turret. (I never go used to monitoring multiple simultaneous operations). But I loaded for 9mm, 45 ACP, 357 Mag and 44 Mag on those two.
Originally Posted by beex215
i currently own a single stage press and looking into upgrading to the lee pro. i already have 9mm,45acp dies. im thinking i should buy the 223 or the 40sw pro 1000 kit as dont own those dies and will end up using them.
Sounds like a good plan.

Originally Posted by beex215
im thinking the 40sw shell plate would take a 9mm and they both are small primers. so that should work right? also if i did buy the 223 version and wanted to load 45acp. i know the 45 will need a larger plate
I believe the 9mm and 40 S&W will require different shell plates. The primer feed parts will fit, but you will need separate shell plates. The "rim" for the 9mm is .394" and the .40 Smith & Wesson is .424".

However, the diameter down in the extractor groove on both cartridges is identical, at .347", so maybe the same holder would work.

Thickness of the "rim" for the 9mm is .050" and the 40 is .055". I don't think that will matter much.

edit: BDS-THR beat me to it, checking with Lee's web site. The two cartridges will work with the same shell holder/shell plate.

Originally Posted by beex215
... but what would i do about the priming as it goes from small to large here?

how do i go about switching calibers in general?
Swapping primer feeds is not difficult. Swapping shell plates requires some disassembly. Some people, to minimize the disassembly/reassembly involved, buy a whole carrier and swap it out. Some other folks buy a whole press for each caliber they load and dispense with parts swapping altogether.
Originally Posted by beex215
ps- i would like to load 308 also. i would have to put it in single stage mode as it cannot work in progressive mode. is that correct?
While the .308 is a lot heftier cartridge than the others you mention, I think you can do the progressive thing OK. Particularly if you are just neck sizing. A lot less force involved.

If the cartridge is not too long to fit in the vertical opening (with whatever bullet you are using), I think the press will do. But remember, the frame is aluminum and the linkage could be stronger. Keep it clean and lubed and don't force it too hard.

If you do process just one cartridge at a time, you could use the press in batch mode or in continuous mode, depending on your mood, but be aware that you will may have some off-axis forces within the press frame assembly, especially if working in continuous mode. If you are going to work in batch mode, I would just as soon use the single stage.

Depending on the volume of loading you contemplate, I would investigate the Lee Classic Turret. If less than 250 rounds at a sitting, you may find it just as fast as the progressive, especially if you load different cartridges in the same session. Swapping calibers with the Turret is very fast (when you have the extra turrets, which are cheap enough), like 30 seconds (including boxing up the retiring die set), involves no disassembly, nor tools and the money savings starts with the press and goes on from there.

I sound (to myself) like a zealot, but I REALLY like my Lee Classic Turret. I recognize that it will not fit everybody's needs or desires, but if you don't load thousands and do swap calibers a lot, a turret, especially the Lee, deserves a consideration, at least.

you might want to read my post "10 Advices for the novice handloader", post #13 on this thread:
especially the web links I list in advice #6. (Don't worry, not all the threads are mine.)

You might also want to talk to Sue Kempf at Kempf's gun shop (they do internet sales). She has experience with the Pro-1000s and the Lee Classic Turret and is a good person. Kemp's sells a REALLY NICE kit based on the Classic Turret that includes dies and a couple of extras, but they don't force you to take a scale (which you undoubtedly already have), so you don't wind up with stuff you can't use.

Good Luck

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