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Originally Posted by Scorch
40 S&W does not use the same shell plate as 9x19mm/9mm Parabellum
Yes it does.

- 9mm and 40S&W share the same #19 shell plate and small primer attachment but not the case feeder/Z-bar.
- 9mm uses the small case feeder, small case slider and the straight Z-bar.
- 40S&W uses the large case feeder, small case slider and the bent Z-bar.
- 45ACP uses #2 shell plate and large primer attachment along with large case feeder, large case slider and the bent Z-bar.

So, if you want to reload .223, 9mm, 40S&W and 45ACP and already have 9/45 dies, you can order the .223 kit (.223 uses #4 shell plate) and buy these extra parts:
- #2 and #19 shell plates
- Primer attachment (comes with both sm/lg)
- large case feeder
- straight/bent Z-bars
- small/large case sliders
- 40S&W dies

Originally Posted by beex215
how do i go about switching calibers in general?
Caliber change is best done with turret swap out with dies preset.

To go from 9mm to 40S&W, you need to change the turret with dies, case feeder to large and use the bent Z-bar.

to go from 9mm/40S&W to 45ACP, you need to change the primer feed attachment to large, swap turret with dies and change shell plate with corresponding case feeder/slider/Z-bar (If you buy extra shell plate carrier, you won't need to change the primer feed attachment/shell plate, just swap the entire carrier ).

i would like to load 308 also. i would have to put it in single stage mode as it cannot work in progressive mode. is that correct?
Pro 1000 won't load .308 but will load .223/7.62x39. Yes, you can use Pro 1000 in single stage mode by removing the center hex rod.

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