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40 S&W does not use the same shell plate as 9x19mm/9mm Parabellum, you will need a 40 S&W shell plate carrier.

To change calibers that have a different head size, you buy a separate shell plate carrier assembly and switch it out to the shell plate carrier needed. To do this, lift the shell plate carrier by pushing down on the press handle, loosen the Allen-head screw attaching the shell plate carrier to the press arbor, put a resilient block (wood block) under the shell plate carrier assembly, and lift the press handle. The shell plate carrier assembly will come right off. Install the desired shell plate carrier assembly on the press arbor, tighten the Allen-head screw, and you are done. Then change dies to finish the cartridge changeover (I recommend a spare turret for each cartridge you reload. Then all you do is give the turret a twist, lift, install the new turret with the appropriate dies).

It is really not feasible to reload 308 Win on a Pro1000, there is not enough clearance between the carrier and the frame. 223 is fine, though.
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