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Where is the break-even point between buying multiple progressive presses dedicated to each caliber vs interchangeable heads/carriers vs changing just the bare minimum of parts

Strange question comming from an advanced reloader. How much ammo do you need to reload at a single secession? Shooting IDPA it might pay to keep one press setup just for that round. If you shoot two matches a month, maybe it's time to go progressive (150 rounds per match). As I see it, it is a question of convienance and amount of time to load what I will be shooting this month.

I keep three sets of dies in seperate turrets, will probable purchase 2 or 3 additional turrets ($11.00 each) but outside of 9mm, 223 rem and 40 S&W I really do not shoot others that much that would warrent keeping them setup. All rifle rounds (other than 223) are done on a single stage press and would not help me to keep them set up and don't load more than 100 of them at a time.

Outside of convienance and it only takes seconds to change out the turrets I don't see any savings on going progressive or a press commited to one caliber. I had thought about keeping one press setup for 9mm all the time, but it would sit unused unless I need some more 9mm. Can you load faster with a progressive, yes, about 4 times faster but I don't need to load faster, I do need to trim cases faster and that is where I spend most of my efforts.

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