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Originally Posted by Alaska444
Of course, driving a car is much more dangerous, but more folks understand that risk and drive with care.
Where do you live! I want to be where most folks "drive with care"!

As mentioned, there are many things that kill us. The ones we worry about are generally those in our areas of interest.

I have known people with roll-cages, racing seats and 5-pt harnesses in their street cars... they were all the time talking about how dangerous driving is, and they're right but they are car and racing hobbiest and the rest of us largely ignore their precautions and think they're a wee bit overboard.

People on this forum carry firearms as a much higher percentage than the general population and we're always talking about this or that scenario and "always" being prepared and "condition yellow"... Most people think we're a little over the top and most of them die from heart disease or car accidents, not in lethal attacks where they wish they had a gun. But, we're gun enthusiasts, it's what we do.

There are similarities on rock climbing forums, sky diving forums, pilot forums, archery forums, doctor forums always talking about heart disease...

We worry about what interests us, or what we feel "connected to" for whatever reason, and we very often ignore things that are much more likely to kill us than is our chosen "cause".
There are about 50,000 people killed each year in the US in car accidents. As DNS keeps telling us with statistics, you are safer in the woods than in a car. True enough, but anyone going in grizzly country without thinking of the possible encounter just isn't playing with a full deck.
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