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I only noticed the "hum" in my ears a few winters ago.

I woke up one morning in January and thought "wow, the cicadas are already out."

Then I realized that there are no cicadas in Chicago in January.

I have a constant buzz in my ears that sounds like cicadas in the summer.

I own a Casio watch but the alarm on it is completely useless. I can't hear the beeping of the alarm at all. I must have bumped it or something because it was beeping in a meeting and a guy next to me was kind of aggravated and he turned to me and said "Are you going to shut that off."

I had to explain to him that the alarm must have gotton turned on by accident, because I never use it and that I can't even hear it because one day - like a dumbass, I listened to some jackass who said that in order to be ready for real combat I needed to do realistic training and not use hearing protection while I shot my pistol and because of that I lost my fricking high-frequency HEARING !

And even if I hadn't lost my high frequency hearing I'd never be able to hear the alarm anyway over the buzz of the <redacted> cicadas !!!!

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