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Kel Tec P11 or SCCY CPX 2 Gen 2?

I will soon be purchasing either a Kel Tec P11 or a SCCY CPX 2 Generation 2, just to have something I can have handy when I don't want to or can't mess with concealing a larger weapon. I am looking mainly for first hand experience with these 2 weapons, reliability, accuracy at the range of intended use etc although opinions are welcome as well. I know that the SCCY has a liftime transferrable warranty and comes with 2 10 round magazines and the Kel Tec only comes with 1 10 rounder with 12 rounders available from the manufacturer as well as the ability to use both Smith model 59 and 69 magazines but I don't know anything about their warranty... I would also like to know if the issues with the slides cracking on the SCCY handguns has been resolved. Thanks in advance for all information anyone can provide to me.
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