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Good suggestions and ideas

Thanks all for pitching in.

This rifle is a Remmy SPS Varmint. 26 inch barrel.

One thing is strange, and that is the "india ink" that comes out of on the patches when cleaning the barrel. Other rifles will have a black residue, but not nearly so much or after so few rounds.

Anyway, it is inexpensive to get the Tubbs Final Finish, and what the heck? It is more shooting. Also, there is a bottle of Barnes CR10 in the cabinet that should remove any copper buildup.

The gun has redeeming qualities, as it is not as loud as the 22-250, has a bit less recoil, and now it has a Timney trigger, and that is really nice. So more effort isn't that big of a deal. Dies, cases etc are already on the bench, as are several hundred Berger 35 gr. Match bullets. If the darn things would shoot consistently it would be enjoyable to pimp it up with a gaudy Richards Stock.

Thanks for the encouragment!
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