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Sphawley, . . . my employer said we could have them in our vehicles if we were going to a range after work.

I went often enough to make it work.

But, . . . . and this is the important part, . . . . every time I got in my vehicle, I was armed, . . . and that is especially important when you are going back to a building that has been standing unoccupied for the day.

I never really worried about the "stop and rob" or other scenarios "on the way home" so to speak. My worst fear was to come home to a burglary in progress and interrupt an armed intruder.

Fortunately it never happened, . . . but that is still a good 33% of the reason I carry.

Your best advice is simply call up a lawyer, . . . make an appointment, . . . ask him flat out what the Nevada law says, . . . and follow it.

May God bless,
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