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(Putting this as kindly as I can to the new guy) You haven't been paying attention, have you? You did get the "every state is different" part right. Pretty much everything else you said was wrong, to varying degrees. Please check with your supervisor or the district attorney's office and find out what the laws really are in your jurisdiction.

You bring up a good point tho' about an armed *passenger* in a vehicle. In a state with no duty to inform, I think it's best to keep one's mouth shut unless instructed to get out of the car -- or if there's any other reason the officer might find the gun. (that's not a good thing to surprise a cop with, even if it's securely in a holster) OTOH, why complicate the traffic stop unnecessarily?

In states with a duty to inform, I don't know how that affects passengers. I try to stay out of those states.
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