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Concealed Carry Rules

As a law enforcement officer I can tell you that each state has its own rules concerning concealed carry, but there is one rule they all have in common.
During any traffic stop if anyone in the stopped vehicle is armed, or has a handgun in a suitcase or carry bag, and holds a Concealed Carry Permit, that person is required to inform the officer of his possession even if the permit holder is only a passenger. Failure to do so can result in arrest and citing of the permit holder and revocation of the CCL. This means that a permit holder is required to inform the driver that he or she is carrying so the driver can tell the officer during the stop, or the permit holder must present his license to the driver to be handed to the officer at the time the driver presents his driver's license to the officer.
I can also tell you, as an officer, that if I stop you and ask you if there are any guns in the vehicle and the driver tells me no, and then I find one, everyone is going into cuffs. A permit holder is not required to produce his permit if there is no firearm present.
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