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the loss of a job affects more than just you. it affects your family. the poster who wished he had died may have lost his family, and or their trust and respect, and or visitation rights to see his children because of how he lost said job. To some that can be devastating, to others they hold life above all else...its all relative to what is most important to you. weight the risks vs rewards, many decisions in life can be put into this simple concept and if you can look at ALL possible outcomes usualy one choice becomes the eyes of the beholder (all choices made may not be the same, because different views amongst people)

if you can step back and look at situations objectively in regards to risk vs reward you should do pretty well in the end.


carry or not to carry at work.

Carry at work

loss of job if discovered
if you loose job how easy is it to replace ect
less risk of loss of life at work
family unit stay whole, unless loss of job tears apart family.

Carry in car

less chance of being found (unlikely they will search)
if robbed in store gun in car is useless
car is safer but what if its stolen of broken into...when the police report is filed and the employer notices a firearm on the missing stuff inventory they can terminate...

leave it at home

more risk of loos of life at work
almost zero risk to terminate based on carry principle, they can still fire you cause you suck at you job...
family still supported.

there are many variables and outcomes each with its own possible set of outcomes and variables from there. try to determine what all these are and weight them against what risks are associated with them and determine the best course of action(for you). There is a whole hell of a lot of thinking invloved but you should be able to come up with a choice at the end. I try to do this all the time but it requires one to slow down and be more deliberate, which at 25 is hard to do sometimes.
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