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Sure there are plenty of things that can kill you.

I hunt in the most concentrated poulation of grizzly bears in the lower forty eight. I have encountered them. Somebody in my group encounters one alomost every year. To ignore the possible threat would be foolish.
Not likely that I will go hunting in Idaho anytime soon since I am still an out of stater despite staying here longer every year than CA. (technically, 9 months in Idaho makes you a resident automatically and at most we are here 7 or a little less). All of my friends that went hunting this year, about 10 of them went 0 and 10 for deer or elk despite that fact that they usually score every year. The wolves are having a feast and we are not this year.

For an out of state license and elk/deer tags, it is over $500 for the combo and throw in a wolf tag on top of that as well. For that type of money and little hope of bringing something home, while I enjoy the woods here in Idaho, I will pass on the hunting for now.

Nevertheless, where we go is right in the middle of bear country as well as large moose. We were up at the Bull River campground across the Montana border and we go to the St. Joes River south-east of Lake Coeur d'Alene. You simply have to consider where you are and have the ability to defend yourself if you are going to be in those areas.
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