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The 222 Remington Magnum was a wonderful cartridge
to shoot.
Won several bench matches with it in the 1960s.
don't give up so quick after all it is less expensive it shoot than other calibers.
Flitz works great if you are willing to work at it. With a wool mop you can't really hurt anything it will smooth out but it will take a while. the Tubbs Finalfinish is a good way to go and is a little easier, but do clean the heck out of that barrel each time you shoot. Follow the directions.
I had a friend of my Fathers back in the 1950s who would hand lap a barrels with special steels, just like you would hand lap the ways on a milling machine its a lost art and he was the only one I knew who could do it, outside of Belgium .

Don,t quit my friend
you'll find that 204 sweet spot

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