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Unfortunatly I lost a deer today too. Decent buck.

I had told myself before I went out that I wasn't going to shoot at anything unless it was a big buck I couldn't pass up. I had to leave the woods by noon to make a meeting for work.
So I'm in the stand only like 20 minutes after i got out there and this buck shows up out of nowhere.

He circles around for a few minutes and I decided it was early enough that if I shot him I would have time to track him and get him field dressed and home before I had to leave for the meeting.

So I take the shot and get a good hit on him. He took off running to the east with my arrow still in him and he ran into this little woods. I waited for about 45 minutes and got down to track him. As I walked in the woods where he went in I found my arrow covered with blood and then a few drops here and there. I followed them but then the trail went cold.

I walked in every direction looking for blood but couldn't find any. So I decided to go around this big puddle of water that was in the woods from all the rain we have had and there I find a big pool of blood. It had bubbles so i figured lung shot and he wont be far. I followed it for probably 75 yds and found more blood and something that was clumpy and bloody. I'm guessing he coughed this up or something.

The trail went a little further and then he went out into the bean field they picked a few weeks ago. After that there were a few more little drops of blood but then I couldn't find anything. I looked all over for him but nothing.

I had to leave for the meeting but went back later on in the afternoon and started where the trail had left off. The only thing is i found no trail. I even tried to find the big pool of blood and the clumpy thing but they were no where to be found. The leaves are falling off the trees so they covered up all the blood trail i guess. I even marked where I had left off in the field but could barely even see that from all the leaves on top of it.

Anyways I searched for around 5 hours total. I have no clue how the blood just soon as he got to the field. I have pictures of my arrow and the blood but i cant load them on here with my phone I guess. 3 different people said there is no.way he went far with the kind of blood you are finding but he is nowhere to be found.

Sorry for the long post I'm just not too happy!
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