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Looks like you are using your seating die to get a roll crimp. Bullet on the lower row far left looks perfect. But the next looks like you are starting to crush the cases, these will not fit in your cyclinder of the revolver.

You are doing two things with the seating die 1) setting OAL and 2) crimping the case.

Here is a little trick. With a full length resized case. Bring your ram all the way up with a empty case (no head, no powder, no primmer). Then start screwing in your die till it just touches the case. Bring your ram down and screw down the die a 1/8th turn. Bring up the ram with the empty case the remove the case and check the crimp, do the same over (down 1/8th turn) again and again till you have the crimp JUST RIGHT. You can resize that case over and over after it is set.

Lock down your die. Now with a bullet in an empty case bring up the ram and adjust the seating stem (not the die) till you get the right OAL. This will be your dummy round for testing in your gun for fit. Also can be used the next time for setting up that die with that bullet.

Now your die is setup and start loading.
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