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Large mechanicals work fine if you have enough energy. In the case of Rage, you need quite a lot of energy, in excess of 60 ft/lbs. Most modern bows will do fine but anything older than 3 or 4 years, and/or under 60 pound draw, might be suspect. You just have to know what it takes and what you've got.

Anyway, in my case, the first broadhead was a Slick Trick and it went through the deer like it wasn't there. The second was an Aftershock Hypershock and, while I did not find the arrow in the dark, it was very clear that the deer was bleeding out both sides so it's either on the ground and we didn't find it (highly possible in a field at night) or the deer took it with her but, regardless, there are two holes. We have killed a few deer with Hypershocks and they have always performed very well, including complete passthroughs with less energy than I'm shooting now.

You have to realize, with the deer from last night, it's not as if we lost the trail. She went where we couldn't follow after only 100-125 yards. She could be 30 yards from the property line. If she had been facing that direction, I wouldn't have shot. This is the first time I can ever remember a deer doing a complete, immediate 180dg turn after being shot... and ironically the only time it would ever matter.

The first one is simpler... I screwed up. Bad shot. It wasn't an equipment failure, the deer didn't move... That was all me.
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