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Funny thing about all these "attacks" are that people forget that when out in nature, nature plays by nature's rules, not people's rules.

Every year, salmon/trout/etc. fisher-people in Alaska fish streams often being fished by grizzlies and black bears, sometimes in parks where the rangers have to repeatedly tell the people fishing about the stupidity of fighting a bear over a fishing spot, a catch, or even that tackle attached to a catch. Strangely, the people fishing think that the bears can be reasoned with or intimidated by yelling and gesturing and the bears probably have as much actual fear of the people fishing as the people fishing do of small children.

I find it amazing that information such as this even needs to be published, but it does because people simply don't understand nature and that just beause they are human that they aren't immune from nature.

Check out this video about 2:20.

When an animal is killed, the spoils go to whomever or whatever can take it. There have been several hunters attacked over the years while butchering their kills. Some knew about the attack too late or at the last moment because they failed to keep proper situational awareness.
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