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BGutzman, you are just proving my point.

Training in an over-the-top way is not conducive to long-term health.

The training you describe is good for short-term preparation for battle, but is a recipe for long-term health ailments. Actually, most of the physical training done by the military is NOT recommended by most professional trainers.

For instance, the classic sit-up is not good for long-term lumbar health, and also doesn't do that good a job at abdominal toning - planks are better for both purposes, but don't strike DI's as manly enough.

Running on pavement, especially in things like boots, is not good for knees, ankles, hips, backs...

Ditto jumping from trucks with rucks on.

Do such activities condition a soldier for possible combat conditions? Sure. But back and leg injuries are more and more common; add IBA's to the mix, and our rate of back and leg injuries are much higher than they were in pre-armor days.

But that's not a good analog for whether an intelligent PT program is good for somebody in the long term.

You have to design your training for the goals you are trying to meet.
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