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So many attacks in just few days, not even 20?! I dont get why´s that only happen in USA often, how that comes that in bears country, such is Bosnia i have only once officialy heard of bear killed a man in the mountains around the capital city? And that happen some, say 25 years ago, or even more, i remember i was in early elementary school. Then the same bear attcks(dont know consequences afterwords) the police officer that come to protect the place.
It all reminds me a bit to that old movie that ive seen somewhere around ´87. What i mean is "The Claws", or simply #The Grizzly#, as transllated here.
Whydoesnt Siberian bears attack humans as tehy do in America, while they are kinda the same sized? Maybe because they have competition known as Siberian Tigers? Who knows that?

As for those Sherlocks that doesnt believe that a man can outrun a bear, heres a video from somewhere in Asia, that proves opposite:

I hope only one thing, and that is that this post wont be regarded as th "Trolling".


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