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S&W Model 19-3 date of production?

Hey everybody, my first post here and i'd like to say i feel like ive discovered a great resource. I'm writing because about a month ago i picked up a S&W model 19-3 which i payed $500 for. It was is almost mint condition and i wouldnt be surprised if i've already run more rounds through it than its previouse owner. I was wondering if anyone could help me date the gun though. its # 2K12***.

Also, does anyone know what its actual value is? at this point i have taken enough enjoyment out of it that i wouldnt mind learning if i've over paid, but it would be nice to know what its actual value would be. I'm hoping this gun lasts a lifetime. Its a four ince barrel in blued steel with the original rosewood grips. the guns finnish has nearly no wear on it at all, and it feels smooth and fast in every way.

Thanks guys and i look foreward to being a part of this community!
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