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Posted by BGutzman:

If its all so easy then why to only about 10% of military people actually make it to retirement?
In my experience (27 years in uniform) nearly all leave the Service because, in no particular order:

They see the life isn't for them and move on to the civilian world.

They can't hack it, see there's no possibility of making decent rank and move on to the civilian world.

If they're officers, they get passed over for promotion and are forced out.

They sustain line-of-duty injuries and can't continue to serve.

They get caught doing something stupid and are forced out.

They fail to maintain a suitable diet and exercise program, get fat, can't pass the PT test and are forced out.

It's not easy. Nobody said it was easy. The physical part isn't all that hard, though. I've known plenty of guys who didn't exercise much and could pass the USAF PT test.

The regimen you describe is required for only a small percentage of the military.
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