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if your boots stink of old sweat and foot odor I would toss them and buy new ones. You would be better off with some cheapos from walmart.

I buy new boots way in advance of hunting season because new boots stink like rubber and leather. I stick them outside somewhere dry for a couple weeks to air out

the shoe deoderizer sprays and powders all have some kind of fragrance to them

the dr. scholls activated charcoal liners work well but for how long I dont know. I do know that the Dr Scholls tamed an old pair I had years ago but that is with my nose and not a deer's nose. I think they run about $10 or so and economically you might be better off allocating that to a new pair of boots.

Keep you boots dry to avoid stink. I hunt south texas so I am not worried about getting my feet wet, I cut a small vent hole in my boots to prevent moisture buildup.
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