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Aside from the types that Japle describes, the types I see who suffer from a lot of long-term injuries tend to fall into some other groups, too.

1) Those who put in a lot of time running on pavement; this is especially true for those who put in a lot of miles in jump boots (how many old Army and Marine guys do I know with bad knees, ankles, and/or feet? let's say a lot.)

2) Those who put in a lot of time jumping out of airplanes with round 'chutes. (Airborne guys with bad knees and backs?)

3) Those who hit hard objects many thousands of times. (Arthritis in hands and feet.)

4) Those who lift excessive amounts of weight.

5) Those who force full range of motion on exercises where that really isn't a good idea (bending elbows past 90degrees while moving heavy weight, for example).

I don't see so many long term yoga injuries... and I don't know a lot of people who crippled themselves up from hiking. Don't know too many injured canoe guys...
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