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Calling and rattling is a hit and miss proposition. I have called and rattled, grunt, fawn bleat, doe bleat, doe grunt far more times than I can remember.

Once, I had a small buck LITERALLY come charging in to my stand and run around in a big circle looking for the bleating doe, not once but three times he did it.

Last night, I had 5 deer within 100 yards in a field. I have a Primo's E-Deer call. I tried it 5 or 6 different times just to see what they'd do...not one of those deer so much as lifted its head to look.

You can expect pretty much any response in the range of those two examples.

Early season, a gentle fawn bleat will bring in doe. GENTLE. It has to sound lost, not dying.

Pre-rut, doe bleats and gentle grunting maybe with gentle rattling can work.

Rut, you want grunts and estrous bleats.

Keep in mind, aggressive grunting and rattling can SCARE smaller or less dominant bucks who aren't looking for a real fight.
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