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Range Report

Fired all 4 loadings, and my rifle (a Win Mod 70 short action carbine - push feed) LOVES the 11.5 load!

Three hole cloverleaf you can cover with a dime - @ 50 yards.

The 13.5 grain load was almost as good. The other 2 loads were obvious losers.

Didn't get a chance to set up my Chrony - too many deer hunters sighting in.

Next step is to load 10 rounds of 11.5gr and 13.5gr, then shoot 5 of each thru the Chrony, and verify the scope zero, get velocities, and verify which load groups best.

Then I will shoot 5 rounds of the load which groups best, @ 100 yards, so I can establish how much hold over to use (50 yard zero) for shots beyond 50 yards.
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