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Posted by BGutzman:
The bodys only made to do so many reps and so many steps and then it breaks, so pay now or pay later but make no mistake you will pay for your fitness in more ways than you know.

Posted by bamaranger:
By the time you reach 50 something, if you remain active, you will hurt, and may be hurt from injury and overuse. Count on it.
Oh, what a load of crap!

On workout days (3 days per week) I do in excess of 130 pushups. I'm 65 years old. I must have done over 150,000 pushups in my life.

Yesterday, I did 68 pushups in 90 seconds. I've never been stronger.

When I was a kid, I was big into pullups and held the Jr High and HS records. I can still do 20 pullups, because I do them often.

No sign of any breakage yet.

The people I see at the gym who have broken something are the ones who didn't get enough exercise, ate themselves into obesity and hurt themselves doing something simple.
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