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After a right turn, it was a long 4 block, very steep downhill run, on a 4 lane business route 45 mph highway. Nice shoulder. I rode the shoulder against traffic. One day, I was ripping down that downhill run, maybe even 40 mph, and a driver of an 18 wheeler, staring me right in the eye, pulled off onto the shoulder, and forced me off into the brushy drainage area. I almost went down.
That's one where if I had a gun I'd be tempted to pull it. (but you should have been on the other side of the road)

I've had a pickup truck driven by a clean-cut guy in a business suit (not your stereotypical tweeker) run a red light -- had been fully red for at least 15 seconds -- and without signalling and barely slowing down turned left into me while I was in the intersection. I had to lay the bike down to keep from getting run over. I called the cops because they have cameras on that intersection and they told me to fill out an online report. I never heard back from them. (I'm pretty sure online reports are never even looked at. I've had the same thing with vandalism reports.)

I've thought about getting a little bucket of 1" ball bearings for my bike. I think that'll break a window...
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