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Yes, this is my intro to "Improved" cartridges. I've been wanting to try one of these for a long time, mainly to irritate a good friend who thinks it is silly to use anything but a Winchester lever gun with a slow, round nose bullet for deer. I figure it'll do for lighter game when a .30-06 is not required.

Nosler, huh? Don't seem to have that one- thanks, I'll pick it up. And thanks for the links! I ordered a set of full-length Lee collet dies in Ack. Imp. Would it be a good idea to take them to my gunsmith, to check and ream if necessary, whilst we've got the reamers?

I've been looking at the Ackley books and he said a couple of things about headspace which gave me pause- Lee told me he had a set of standard .257Robt go/no-go gauges he could use. Is that not advisable?
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