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Hello, IllinoisCoyoteHunter. I have a custom Sharps Borchardt 26" Shillen barreled .22 Hornet.
When I first got it, I tried every brand of jacketed bullet I could find..including custom match. I was getting groups in the .3's at 100yds. This was my benchmark.
Then I started loading cast. 5 years and a few custom nose-pour moulds, special tapered sizing dies, nose-first sizing dies, and a whole lot of range time later, I was able to duplicate best jacketed bullet accuracy with cast at 100yds.
Now I can't shoot 3/8" groups every day, but enough to know it isn't a fluke.
Average I would say would be around 7/16 to 1/2". Lots more interesting than merely picking a bullet out of a box, and pulling the handle.
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