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Welcome to reloading and thanks for asking our advice

Sorry contradict you, jim8115, but I get Unique to mete powder within .1 grains all the time (in the range of 5-10 grains.) Consistency is vital and a good technique is key. Practice is how you get there and it takes some thought to select the right technique.

It can be done. Not easy, perhaps, but doable.

Doling out powder with dippers is a little slower than a powder measure, and the dippers deliver powder lighter than published (which is why even if you use dippers, a scale is a good tool to have). But they can be precise, if not accurate.

Junker, those crimps look a little more enthusiastic than 4 to 6 grains of Unique would need. If your bullets do not jump crimp under recoil of their brethren, you can ease up safely. Now, some powders, to get a reliable, consistent burn, require a healthy crimp. Unique is not one of those.

If you are going to shoot that 38 Special that has the bullet seated deeper than specificaion in a 38 Special revolver, I wouldn't. In a 357 magnum, maybe. Better it if you buy a $20 bullet puller (the intertial type) and give that round a few gentle raps. You can easily move the bullet out to the proper position that way and you will have bought a tool that is good to have available anyway.

Unless you have a very old set of Lee .357 Dies, they should be able to load 38 Special just as well, by adjusting the dies down in the press. However, since you already have both sets, this question is academic.

Adjusting dies, as you intimated, is a learned skill. Once learned, though, it is like riding a bicycle. It will become second nature to you.

Welcome to reloading and to the forum.

Good luck.

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