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I was so excited about Rembrandt's aluminum t-slot stuff on page 3, I combined that with a rolling workbench I saw on arfcom a few months ago, and came up with this little project... Sorry about the poor pictures, it always seems to be rather late at night when I finish various stages of projects and I usually just have my cell phone on me

Google SketchUp for the design stage


And now it's almost done, just finished playing with the router and now I need to go take a shower to get all the wood dust off myself. For some reason, I didn't think ahead about how much of a mess cutting a pair of 1"x1" channels 3 feet long would make

Ended up using pieces of a 2x12 from a never started decking project for the top, a couple of 2x4's for the frame, and the rest except for the t-slot stuff and 2x4's were sitting around in the garage for years, some of it salvaged from old projects. Now I just need to make room for it indoors, and mount my press and other stuff... I was thinking about painting it, but it's getting cold out and the garage is unheated. Maybe in the spring. So for now all I need to do is fix the aluminum in place(think I'm going to epoxy it, bolting it down seems too troublesome), and make some mounting plates.

ETA- another pic, during the day, after gluing the rails and making a mount for the press.

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