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Reforming .204 brass into 222 Rem Mag

The parent case for the .204 Ruger was the 222 Rem Magnum. Would reforming the .204 case back to the 222 Rem Mag be very difficult or even possible? And would it be possible to reform it to the original .222 Remington?

I bought a .204 Ruger, and after 250 rounds I am rethinking that decision. It only takes 15 or so rounds to foul the barrel to the point that getting a patch down the tube is pretty tough. (I am using Varget and Benchmark powders.) And it takes a lot of cleaning to get the barrel clean. The 22-250 I have will go 40 rounds or so before accuracy starts to suffer from fouling.

So, I am considering something else to fool around with for varmint shooting.

Any and all input is appreciated!
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