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Originally Posted by kaylorinhi View Post
Would I have to download forum runner to App TFL?
No, you can access TFL from your phones browser. Probably a forum app is easier though. I use TapaTalk.

I'm beginning to think "LIVE from the stand!" is a curse.

I shot a nice doe tonight, 20 yards, standing perfectly broadside. She was facing due east but unfortunately wheeled around and ran to private property that is under construction and we can not cross. We followed the trail easy enough to the property bounds. If she had done what deer almost always do in my experience, which is run the direction she was facing, she would have had hundreds and hundreds of yards to die.

All I could do is call the local PD in case anyone reports a dead deer in their yard. Unfortunately, the village is Cayuga Heights, which is the anti-hunter capital of the world.
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