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The serial number is C8***
It is a .38 Military & Police postwar which became the model 10 when S&W began stamping model numbers around 1957.
Serial numbers ran from C1 in 1948 to C223998 in 1951. C8xxx would very likely be 1948.

S & W Safety Hammerless in 32 cal, 1st Model. It is nickel and in 99% condition. The serial number on the bottom of the handel is 108XX
There were 3 model variations running from 1888 to 1937.
1st model serial numbers ran from 1 in 1888 to 91417 in 1902.
As of 2006, value in true 98/99% would be around 600+, but I'm sure it's gone up since.
model 64 D540xxx
Serial numbers ran from D510001 in 1973 to D659901 in 1974.

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