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I generally hunt where I know the does will be. Where the girls are, you'll find the boys. In my case, I hunt these days on a Texas powerline right of way that gets good doe traffic. That works for the small to medium bucks. The big guy, that I got a look at last week, is an elusive 10 point. He rarely leaves cover, and I think he's the big 8 point that I saw last year the day before the season opened. The older and bigger the buck, the smarter and more nocturnal he has become. But maybe he'll have a stupid moment this season while chasing women.

Over the many years I've hunted, I've gotten the really big ones between daylight and 8 am and between 5:15 (Louisiana, non-daylight time) and dark. I call the last 10 minutes of light "magic time", and my ears and eyes go on full alert.

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