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Finally got that Model 70 I've wanted

One of my backburner desires was a pre-64 Winchester Model 70, but they've always been too spendy for my budget. Well I saw one at the local gunshop a couple weeks back with a reasonable pricetag. It looked a little ragged indoors. It had a couple coats of heavy varnish (look at those yellow-line spacers)--whoever did it didn't bother to take it out of the stock.

It's turning out waaaaaaay better than I thought it would as I was standing there in the store. I've stripped the stock down, and am refinishing it in Tung Oil. I really thought the wood would way outshine the metal (new stock on a worn action), but on closer inspection, the metal is 99%--all that light rust turned out to be varnish fingerprints.

I dumped the Tasco and picked up an old Redfield 4x to mount on it. My dad found a replacement rear sight. I've got to fix a crack behind the magazine well, and I'm going to do a light bedding job before we hit the range.

Took these when I got it home, before doing any work. Looks a hell of a lot better than it did in the store. I figured the field grade M1 I gave up was a pretty fair trade, but I think now that I the better end of the deal.

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