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where to hunt during the rut?

I have several stands in the woods I hunt. I saw a big buck last week in the stand that I have been sitting in. I didn't get to go out this weekend but my friend told me that the bucks have started chasing the does.

The stand I have been using is at the end of a row of trees. It is about 10 feet wide and there are fields on both sides of it. Directly in front of my stand there is field that is just wide enough for the tractors to get through, and then a small woods were the trees aren't too thick. I have noticed that they lay down in the thick weeds in this area.

My question is would it be better to go back further into the woods or still hunt the edge during the rut. I know that it is mostly luck but i want to give myself the best chance to at least aee some deer.

Basically I want to know where the deer are more likely to do it. Haha
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