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Lesson's Learned

Since deer season kicked off, our hog problem has been growing and growing. They come in an eat up all the corn in a single night but there is the problem, we only see the evidence at night.

Well, I organized a hog drive through a bog that's just torn up with hog sign. We walked the entire mile long bog and jumped a few deer but no hogs. After getting back to the clubhouse I went to corn a stand that hasn't had hogs on it yet. Riding back to the club I turned onto the road and 100 yards from me 15 big pigs were crossing the road. I goosed the truck and got near them, jumped out, realized I had unloaded my shotgun and cased it, grabbed my rifle, jumped up on the toolbox but had no shot at them through the thick planted pines. Had the shotgun not been cased and set up where all I had to do was drop a shell in the chamber with the mag still loaded the Benelli and I could have flat out massacred those pigs.

Heck I had forgotten I did have my .357 S&W 66 sitting in the console with two speed loaders of 158grn HP. From now on the scattergun will be in the front seat, mag loaded and ready to drop the first shot in the action and a revolver will be close at hand or maybe the 1911 at the very least.

Dern sneaky pigs.
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