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Competition shooting questions...

I am looking to start IDPA and the like. I used to shoot 3D archery and enjoyed the challenge and comradery and feel that the same could happen at these type of shoots.

The problem is in Ohio the shoots all end this month. So I need to know what is good practice I can do at an indoor range to prepare? I have my own outdoor range so that is what I will do on nicer weather days. I wanna be prepared the best I can some spring.

I have at my disposal right now a 92FS, CZ82, XD9 and Kahr P40. I was going to try and use the Kahr at first because that is what I carry the most besides BUGS. I am sure I won't be real competitive at first so I wanna use the practice for real life CCWing. After I get familiar with it I will invest in a IDPA rig.

Here are some of the questions:

What are some good practice procedures to prepare for IDPA at an indoor range that doesn't allow drawing from a holster?

Any limitations using the Kahr? Besides round count and short sight radius? I shoot the pistol well.

What equipment am I gonna need besides my CBST holster, three mags and the pistol?

Any good reading sources? I read the "rules" book but I think watching a match would do more for me than just reading it.

What else am I missing?

Thanks in advance,

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