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I use an Excel workbook that I made myself. Got pages for each caliber, but I find that I don't refer to them all too often, but those particular pages are the best place to list ALL the loads you've made in any one caliber, and use the strike-through text feature to ensure that you never make the same crappy load more than once.

More than anything, I use one of the work sheets in my file with a dated log. Entries include any ammo that is produced at my bench with just the most necessary items according to my own standards. I list the caliber, the bullet brand/weight/style, the powder type and charge weight and the COAL of the loaded rounds. I rarely list the brass headstamp, and I rarely list the primers simply because I tend to stick to CCI non-magnum in all four sizes. When I use something else, I will list that. I also don't record powder or primer lot numbers because I don't do much rifle loading and I don't tend to load at or near or over max, where those items become more important.

I could never possibly be convinced that ANY method using paper and pen is going to come anywhere near the power, flexibility and ease of use as a spreadsheet and a log page in that workbook.

I'm very nearly SHOCKED that anyone who has been handloading for a number of years and is serious enough about handloading that he takes regular part in an internet discussion forum would still be using a series of paper notes and labels and NOT taking advantage of a log on his PC.
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