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Originally Posted by briandg
I wasn't terribly happy about the attacks on cyclists by car drivers. I've had things thrown at me, and been hit with things by the various morons who drive the country roads around here. I saw a guy knocked off of his bike into traffic by a pinhead in a pickup.
Wow! Where do you ride? I've heard of the odd attack here and there, but never anything so frequent for a single rider. For the record, I've been an avid cyclist for nearly 30 years (meaning more than just riding to a friend's house) and have never had anything thrown at me or a driver trying to harm me. I've had a couple yell at me here and there but without taking any overt action. I've ridden all over the place; Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia (SW VA, Richmond area, and Northern VA).

As for the guns, I rarely bother. On a road bike, I can easily out run any dog and most human encounters don't require that level of force. Offroad, I may carry one if I'm riding alone and will be out in the wilderness, but in groups or at local parks, I don't bother. There aren't many ways to carry that keep guns secure, yet accessible. If I'm wearing baggy bike shorts with pockets, I might pocket carry a j-frame. I've also put one in the upper pocket of my camelback, but I've only had one that allowed rapid access to a gun, yet was secure enough to keep it from falling out (deep with elastic top).

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