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I think this story would have made the news no matter where it happened - Florida, California, Texas - wherever. A mom killing a bay snatcher is a great story.

You seldom hear stories about stores being robbed in Chicago because all of the merchants in bad areas have already given up on the notion of the police protecting them or of being able to protect themselves. So they spend thousands of dollars enclosing cash register area in bullet-proof glass. In some cases, stores have their merchandise under plexiglass.

Apart from those stores - which don't really get robbed, regular stores getting robbed is pretty routine. Once things get routine, they're hardly newsworthy any more. A ot of stores get robbed in the Chicagoland area every day, it doesn't make national news, it hardly even makes local news. They do get put on the crime blotter but that's about it.

If Illinois passes carry legislation, I think you will hear more stories coming out of Illinois about citizens wounding and or killing criminals as they exercise their constitutional rights to protect themselves.
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