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Haha...I know what you mean about kids, i scared mine so bad he wet himeself and I think thats why he hates my AR. it was 0130 on a fri/sat and I heard a bump in the kitchen. I grabbed the AR with a 210 lumen surfire on it and noticed nothing in the hall/living room turn right into the kitchen blast the light and its my at the time 4 year old son eating cheetos...the cheetos went everywhere i lowered the weapon and ran to him picked him up and set him back in his bed my wife comes out the bedroom like why is he crying, and why did he **** himself? I was all amped up but calming down as I explained what happened...check the bedrooms if you have kids. learned my lesson. To this day when I get the AR out for anything he goes in the other room, poor guy.
To sum it up: Somewhere there is a TRUE BELIEVER training, he will not stop in his mission, he knows only the cause. What have you done today? For your brothers at arms, friends, family, your country, yourself?
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