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You have my sincere sympathies. I love a good, relaxing, bike ride out in the boonies. To hedge my bets as best I can, I take these lengthy [usually about 40 miles] bike excursions only on weekdays. My own work schedule is pretty odd and thus allows for it. This translates to far less cars on the road with me because everyone's at work. I start around 9:30 AM or so, by then all of the morning rush hour folks are gone, and I stick to the back roads as much as possible. However, not only do I carry OC spray to discourage pursuing dogs [and have used it to successfully end more than one such canine pursuit], I still back it up with a firearm. It's not a hindrance to me, but I'll not call you correct nor foolish for doing what you're doing. If that's what makes you comfortable, to each his own.
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