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I sometimes used to carry when I was going out on my bicycle. Mostly concerned about the dogs that just love chewing on bikers. I wasn't terribly happy about the attacks on cyclists by car drivers. I've had things thrown at me, and been hit with things by the various morons who drive the country roads around here. I saw a guy knocked off of his bike into traffic by a pinhead in a pickup.

Frankly, I came to realize that the pistol was of no doggoned use at all. You can't shoot a driver for attacking you. You can't cap a dog on the run. there just aren't any real situations that a pistol can help you out, except for really, seriously crazy stuff that have million to one odds. So, I leave the shoulder holster and .357 at home now if biking.



I'd switch off to a pocket pistol in a belly pouch, maybe, if I still cycled.
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