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What to parkerize?

Got an old rifle, Ishy 2A1 that needs refinishing, Ive polished the guts (trigger, sear, pins, firing pins, etc) cleaned the snot (cosmoline) out of it, got into EVERY nook and cranny. just about ready to degrease, blast, and parkerize several components (Receiver, trigger, etc)

My question is what should I definitely not park? I know to use dowels, ear plugs, etc to plug holes. should I cover threads as well? The biggest question is to park the firing pin or not. I know not to leave it in for very long 5-20 at most to keep the dimensions. I probably will jewel the bolt, and park everything else.

Dont care too much about the looks, im looking for a great protection from rust with out paints, i like park finishes.

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