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New to reloading, and have load data questions.

Hello everybody. I'm going to start getting into reloading, have all the equipment, and then when I starting reading my books, and big question came up. I'm going to start my reloading with .40 S&W using Unique powder and Hornady XTP 155 gr. bullets. My big question is what powder data to go by for starting loads?

I purchased the Lyman 49th Edition reloading manual, and for the 155 gr. Jacketed Silvertip, starting load is 5.8 and max is 6.5. Then I bought the Speer reloading manual #14, and for the 155 gr. gdhp, starting load is 7.2 and max is 8.0. As you can see, the starting load from Speer is more than the max from Lyman. Alliant powder is the same as Speer on the data. Steve's Pages shows 5.8 to 8.0.

My plan is to start with the min., and work my way up. Should I start at the 5.8 min.?
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