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One of the guys made the comment that you should occasionally train by firing your weapon with no ear protection so you are prepared in a real life situation.
That is silly. You'll never hear the gun, let alone have it affect you.

I've shot 45s in a little tunnel bearly wide enough for my shoulders, and I was skinny (in them days), I don't recall hearing the gun.

I've shot them in buildings, never recall hearing the guns. Not just pistols, but a burst from a M-60.

Do you hunt, how many times have you thought about the nose of the gun going off while shooting at game?

What isn't silly, but is sad, is having your wife repeat everything she says 3 or 4 times. Looking to her to translate while you try to order in a resturant. The two most common things I say more then any thing else is "huh" and "what did she say".

The volume of my TV runs everyone out of the house and I still can't understand half of what is said.

The only two people I can have a conversation with is my wife and my granddaughter, and only when they are looking directly at me, mostly because I can read their lips as they talk.

Don't know why people turn their heads or cover their face when they talk but they do. Keep shooting without ear protection and you'll see what I mean.

Never ever practice or train with any firearms WITHOUT HEARING PROTECTION.

Quickest way to get me to beat my kids and grandkids is to catch them shooting without eye and ear protection.
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